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POLITICMIX.COM ENDORSES ROMNEY: Why Mitt Romney Is Perfect for the Presidency

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For months, the political world has been trying to define Mitt Romney or fit him into a  place on the political spice rack. However, after watching the Romney Revealed documentary on CNN, I feel Romney has just developed his own flavor.

Mitt Romney’s solutions for our still struggling economy are why POLITICMIX.COM is endorsing Mitt Romney for President of the United States in 2012.

While many of Romney’s positions have  evolved during his quest for the GOP nomination, Romney has been one thing throughout –persistent. Throughout all the questions about his policies and tax returns, Romney has stood tall and taken the best shot on the chin anybody gave him. You may not always agree with how Mitt Romney answers a question or sometimes adjusts his position, but you have to admire his laser-like focus on the bottom line.  For Romney in 2012, the bottom line was the GOP nomination.  After election day, Romney will restart the financial ovens and get the profit pots simmering again.

Unfortunately, Governor Romney still struggles with getting  Americans to see his best quality which is his commitment to focus. While critics blast him over his Bain Capital days, they never admit Romney had many successful acquisitions resulting in millions of sales and thousands of jobs.

 In America and worldwide, corporations are bought and sold daily and employment rolls are often shrunk leading to layoffs. Cory Booker, mayor of Newark NJ, made this honest admission on an episode of Meet the Press earlier this year. Since then, Booker has been silenced and absent from the Obama broadcast television bandwagon ever since.

What did Mayor Booker say that was so off script? He simply stated that the president’s ads against private equity were somewhat disingenuous and “nauseating.” As the mayor of a struggling urban city, Cory Booker knows venture capitalism allows small business owners to get the funding to open a Starbucks, Staples or any another business a particular community may need.

Additionally, private equity also allows mayors in metropolitan areas to attract big business to their cities. These business ventures create jobs at their core and no amount of government programs can replace the employment power of private business.

As President Obama stated himself, ” I realized the shovel-ready jobs weren’t so shovel-ready.” However, the millions of unemployed Americans losing their homes didn’t appreciate his joke.

Without venture capitalism there would be little opportunity or resources for start-ups to actually germinate and sprout profits. While liberals have made some points about misconduct on Wall Street, they refuse to admit their hand in the problem by passing stimulus packages  for the banks and  stifling regulation. Moreover, most liberals are slow to admit private investment has been the springboard of the American economy since the Mayflower.

Looking for toughness from a candidate?

Mitt Romney has been through the anguish of losing in 2008 and it only made him hungrier for another shot at the title. This time around, the campaign message has been clearer and more focused on letting the business community know, “Hey, Mitt Romney is your man.”

Political analysts repeatedly refer to Romney’s perceived inability to connect with the common man on certain issues. Critics say Romney’s political ideology lacks clarity. However, after Gloria Borger‘s report on Romney’s life a more clarified picture of the candidate and his principles emerges.

Mitt Romney’s personality reflects who he truly is — a successful and efficacious businessman. An effective business leader focuses on the task at hand, but also can be flexible when need be. The real question to ask Romney’s critics is, “What is it that you really don’t like about the guy?”

Mitt had no role in belonging to the privileged family he was born into. Furthermore, the life lessons passed down by his courageous parents are similar to values passed down by parents from all levels of financial means and ethnicity.

Romney’s biggest roadblock to the White House during the primary season seemed to be his landmark healthcare legislation formerly known as Romneycare, now fused into Obamneycare. However, Romney’s willingness to get a deal done displays he has the qualities of empathy, flexibility and creativity. 

Consistently, Mitt Romney says the healthcare law he got passed worked for Massachusetts, but may not be the best solution for America he is nitpicked from the left. However, critics fail to realize that Mitt Romney is the only qualified person to make this assessment.

I feel we need a solution to affordable healthcare, but ask any caterer about taking a recipe for a small batch of risotto and revamping it to feed 300 million people — not so simple is it?

Additionally, if our current president stitched together his landmark legislation from Romney’s policy then doesn’t some of the credit belong to the original designer?

I know Romney shies away from his crowning gubernatorial achievement mainly because his party has a disdain for government-run healthcare, but moderates should still see Romney as a man who stood up for his constituents when it counted most.

So, before you step into the voting booth November 6, 2012, think hard about what Mitt Romney has shown us thus far. When you need someone to come in and save a struggling business or a global event like the Olympics, Mitt Romney may break a few eggs, but he will ultimately make a pretty tasty omelet.

Hollywood’s best screenwriters couldn’t create a better part for any leading man to step in and save the day. As we stated when this piece began, Mitt Romney has finally discovered his own flavor. The only question left for America is — how do you like your omelets people?


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