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NYC Marathon Canceled- Did the Staten Island Optics Shut it Down?


A map of Staten Island, NY, for use with Templ...

A map of Staten Island, NY, for use with Template:Location map. Based on File: Neighbourhoods New York City Map.PNG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By: Julian Harris Gibson

Mayor Bloomberg announced today that the New York Marathon will be canceled. We finally see that politicians can respond when the people demand it. The recent national PR disaster of Staten Island residents crying out for food, water and supplies after Hurricane Sandy has ripple effects. One of those such ripples was the mayor realizing he would look cruel and heartless to hold a marathon in the midst of disaster.Coincidently, the marathon was supposed to start in Staten Island which ment precious resources like police, generators and manpower would ne pulled away from people in need for a secondary purpose. Residents of Staten Island made their case to the American people and it seems the nation’s eyes being on Bloomberg in a hot seat moment finally made a judgement call. 

Let us not forget the holiday season is only weeks away and Bloomberg had to concede now in order to get everyone back in the spirit by Thanksgiving. I predict that will begin the NY comeback. new York is the toughest city in the world. No hurricane, terrorist attack, flood, or 30 ft. gorilla swinging from the Empire State Building can stop New Yorkers from doing what they do best- being rude, screaming at each other in traffic and fighting for the last seat on the A train.

So salute Staten Island for holding firm and putting the world’s eyes on corporate greed and sponsorship attempting to quietly conduct business as usual as the residents of New York are hurting.


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