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Election 2012

Election 2012: What The Media Missed on Purpose

Fox News Channel

Fox News Channel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After voting this morning, I thought of all the months spent worrying about possibly losing the right to vote due to voter ID laws and less than honorable schemes. However, I must report no major problems and a feeling of relief.

I watched the news and saw all the people waiting hours in lines to vote and it makes me proud to be American. No matter what obstacles are put in place, we find a way to overcome. However, there is no way Americans should have to wait for hours to vote.

That being said, I feel the media, which yes we are a part of at POLITICMIX has done a disservice to the American people. We had three national debates where neither candidate was asked about climate change or what would they would do to solve the financial crisis that is looming the second the election is called in Florida–whenever that is. 

However, we did have one candidate that refused to show Americans his plans for jobs, or his 2009 tax returns or which deductions he would eliminate. Furthermore, Mitt Romney refused to do any interviews with press for the last three weeks of the campaign.

I think you get my point — this election was a lost opportunity to hold our next president accountable before their excuses start all over again.

We must ask ourselves why we are so bored with politics when it comes to details, but we get so caught up in political theater. How did the most unproductive Congress in the last 100 years slide to election day without major media criticism and vetting–again?

Maybe it was because the producers at your local cable news decided no one cared about these candidates. Maybe it was that congressional candidates don’t make national ad buys and therefore the public would follow their local races in the local papers– maybe. 

Whoever wins the election will still have to stimulate job growth, deal with our $16 trillion national debt, ending the war in Afghanistan responsibly and getting 23 million people back to work.  How can he do that with the same cast of characters in the House and Senate? I know people have been critical of both Romney and President Obama, but both men will face opposition if elected. Now that I think about it, that’s the beauty of America!

MSNBC does a great job of keeping the GOP on the hot seat but refuses to look in the camera and tell their viewers that venture capitalism helps create jobs although it sometimes costs jobs too. Furthermore,  Medicare is on the verge of collapse due to the overflow of Baby Boomers entering the system. Additionally, no amount of education funding can replace active parents and many social programs may have to be financially reduced in order to help reduce the debt. Those are just the facts people like them or not.

Fox News must also tell their viewers the truth. Obama is not a  Kenyan-born, gun-hating,  communist, alien.  Wake up people, we are all getting played to some degree. While we are distracted by the shiny objects of sound bites and political rhetoric our future is being stolen as other nations are building, innovating, industrializing and developing great products at low prices.

In 2008,  I had hope, this election I hope we all ask for the change that will change our problems into solutions. Now go vote, pop some popcorn and get ready for the political theater we all love since we won’t get much truth on television tonight. The producers thought about telling the truth but it didn’t test well on 25-45 year olds.


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