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Obama Wins Election and Regains America’s Hope: Forward Still…

By Julian Harris Gibson

Tonight, President Obama won re-election and also revitalized our hope. We all hope that the country’s economy will grow and blossom into the good old days of Clinton-era economics. We hope the wars in the Mid-East really end on time and with as few deaths as possible. We hope college students can cross the stage this spring with the guarantee of a good job instead of the hope of one. We hope the 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed can finally look at themselves in the mirror and feel satisfied again.

We hope our criminal justice system can focus on people like Sandusky that hurt children instead of children in poor communities hurting their future with dumb decisions. We hope the President’s opponents will at least cease to be obstructionists if they can’t stomach being seen in public as supporters.

Tonight, we saw a man who has the strength to be our leader because he is a follower of hope. He is a seeker of truth and I plan to do my part and spread the word throughout the land that Camelot is real and King Arthur remains alive and well. Forward…Still.  Follow us: @ForwardStill / ForwardStill.org


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