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Gaza Strip Conflict: Israel Vows To Defend Itself Against Menacing Hamas Rockets

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By: Julian Harris Gibson / Photo: Getty Images

Tensions flare amid rocket fire sent by Hamas leadership into Israel reaching as far as southern Tel Aviv.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that enough is enough. Israel has taken measurable steps to knock down Palestinian rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian boy Fares Sadallah, 11, featured in the photo crying in front of his home is touching. The shrapnel in the walls behind him came from Israeli air strikes in Beit Lahia, northern Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, many civilians on both sides may suffer great losses if Hamas keeps up its campaign of violence and intimidation.

 Israel’s military dominance in the region makes it the clear superior force against an unorganized Hamas unit that claims to be fighting for Palestinian freedom but seems to be going about it in a way that only hurts its own people.

For example, reports have surfaced describing price gouging, lack of resources and chaos in Gaza in the last 48 hours of fighting. This type of suffering is needless and does nothing to promote civility.

Israel has tolerated rocket attacks for years, but it seems that the recent barrage of missiles killing three men and a pregnant women in Israel pushed the fighting to a boiling point. While both sides have suffered loses over the years, world leaders are rallying around Israel and commending their right to defend their people.

To further complicate things, Egypt has temporarily thrown support behind Hamas, but if further pressure  and threats of cutting Egyptian aid come from US and NATO forces, Egypt may quickly decide to stick to its own problems.

The Prime Minister stated Thursday that Israel, “Would take any steps necessary to defend its people.” As international aid workers move out of the region, the threat of Israeli ground troops marching into Gaza is now becoming more of a reality by the minute.

At the moment, a brief cease-fire was ended before talks of a truce could get off the ground but one thing is clear, Hamas may have picked the wrong fight at the wrong time. Israel is still justifiably on edge over the Iranian push for nuclear power and this recent attack by Hamas may prove deadly for Gaza’s children and civilians who will suffer greatly if Hamas gets involved in a ground war with Israel.

Peace in this region may not be realized until Muslim leaders realize that unprovoked military action only hurts their fight for legitimacy and better lives for their people. Israel can and should defend themselves from constant rocket fire  and it seems they are doing just that. 

From a humanistic view, we hope  both sides can find a roadmap to peace and finally co-exist. However, as long as terrorist elements oppress their own people and remain rowdy neighbors to Israel, peace may be far off in the distance.


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