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Did Beyonce really lipsink at the inauguration?

We have an exclusive report from HuffPost on the Beyonce Lipsink controversy. Watch the clip of her singing and decide for yourself! Still can’t decide? One thing is certain, with Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance coming up, the haters will surely be waiting to pick apartevery octive of her vocal performance. Stop it people, Bey is … Continue reading

What Obama really wanted to tell Romney after the election

This hilarious sketch by comedic team Key and Peele of Comedy Central depicts what the president may have really wanted to say to Mitt Romney after the 2012 election. These two funny guys are on top of their game and will have much more great material for the next four years.

Give Thanks to the Troops On Thanksgiving Like The Bidens Do

By Julian Harris Gibson / Photo: AP On this Thanksgiving Day, I would like to thank all the troops defending our freedom on foreign shores this Thanksgiving Day. These brave men and women make our way of life possible and we should never forget them.   Every year, Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Dr. … Continue reading

Gaza Strip Conflict: Israel Vows To Defend Itself Against Menacing Hamas Rockets

By: Julian Harris Gibson / Photo: Getty Images Tensions flare amid rocket fire sent by Hamas leadership into Israel reaching as far as southern Tel Aviv.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that enough is enough. Israel has taken measurable steps to knock down Palestinian rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip. Palestinian boy … Continue reading

Space Race 2.0: Why America and Russia Should Fear China’s Martian Moment

By:  Julian Harris Gibson Thanks to the massive response from our article, “The Politics of Space: Why Obama Must Restart the Space Race,” we decided to follow-up with a series of articles titled Space Race  2.0. This series examines space politics and space programs around the globe  and how the USA measures up against them. Our topic today is … Continue reading

The Politics of Space: Why Obama Must Restart the Space Race

By Julian Harris Gibson / Photo: NASA As the infographic explains America is spending millions on sending astronauts to space. The only problem is their spending this money with Russia.  America has to get back in the space game. The ending of the NASA space shuttle program put thousands of engineers and aerospace professionals out … Continue reading

President Barack Obama Tears Up But Moves Forward Still…

By: Julian Harris Gibson / Photo: AP Barack Obama came to tears in this video taken the day after election day. This touching video shows a man looking back on his life and out in the crowd at his future. The President says, “I’m really proud of you.”  Mr. President, We are extremely proud of … Continue reading

Obama Wins Election and Regains America’s Hope: Forward Still…

By Julian Harris Gibson   Tonight, President Obama won re-election and also revitalized our hope. We all hope that the country’s economy will grow and blossom into the good old days of Clinton-era economics. We hope the wars in the Mid-East really end on time and with as few deaths as possible. We hope college students can … Continue reading

Why Chris Mathews is the Bravest Man in Politics

Election day 2012, MSNBC host Chris Mathews went rouge –again.  I must admit, it was a beautiful thing to see. During a segment of NOW with Alex Wagner, Mathews proceeded to take over the opening segment and over talk the host, her guests and anyone who didn’t agree with him. While many other political pundits have given the … Continue reading

Election 2012: What The Media Missed on Purpose

After voting this morning, I thought of all the months spent worrying about possibly losing the right to vote due to voter ID laws and less than honorable schemes. However, I must report no major problems and a feeling of relief. I watched the news and saw all the people waiting hours in lines to … Continue reading

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